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Internet Casinos on Mobile –The ‘Tablet’ – Not What We Once Thought It Was!

By Jerry Whittaker

New iPad Apps are being launched right left and centre, many for Internet Casinos on mobile gambling operations too, and the Betfair Plc. latest release is about to significantly improve the players’ experience. According to representatives from this popular betting exchange which only operates online, the new application is the first dedicated iPad app to come from their new development office in San Francisco.

Even though there is no regulated online gambling allowed in the USA as yet, the company’s mobile division was recently relocated to be placed in the care of Raj Vemulapalli. This man’s leadership skills come from much previous experience with Yahoo. He is now VP of Mobile Engineering and Head of Mobile Technologies at Betfair.

Remember the days when we all thought a ‘tablet’ was something we swallowed to clear up a Strep throat? My… how times have changed!

The new application from Betfair offers the full-functionality of website-based gambling, together with the convenience of getting your gambling on the go. More and more online casino and other gaming for money operators are making sure they get into the mobile race; this race has been punted to be the next big wave in online gambling growth.  So, Betfair has tailored the app to cater to the specific requirements of a tablet device, and of course tablet device users.

Players can make deposits and withdrawals from anywhere inside the app; it offers an intuitive landing page, where the user can have easy access to live scores and popular events.  It offers content analysis from the Betfair team, convenient and easy access to placing bets, and as far as Raj Vemulapalli is concerned; “this app is a game changer”!

It offers a seamless wagering experience to online betting fans, while still replicating “fixed-web”., which is brilliant for the quality of the game, and of course there are many great features which are also unique to the iPad.

Tablets are not only game changers for mobile gambling concerns. I mean just the other day, while we were all clicking away our cameras at the magnificent site of Tana Mahuta (a giant tree in New Zealand – 2000 years old) one forward-thinker was clicking his iPad. So, ostensibly this user has his camera, internet casinos and more all rolled into one compact, seamless package that he can use while he is travelling. Me?… on the other hand, has to lug around camera equipment and a laptop. It is timeto change my thinking about the tablet too…methinks. But let’s get back to Betfair.

The launch of this mobile app has worked wonders for the bottom line of an already very successful Internet casinos company. They have seen a dramatic increase in revenues and attribute most of this to their mobile gambling division, so, whatever they are doing must be working. During the past year; round about  40% of Betfair customers placed bets on a mobile device, and that is a rather large share of their business.