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Internet and Gambling

So profound is the impact of the internet, and so intensively it has penetrated into the world, that there is hardly anything that is not available on the Internet. Cinema Tickets, Air Tickets, Bus Tickets, Train tickets, appointments through the net, consultation with your physician on line, and so many more, it is mind boggling. Is there no end to its reach or utility? As yet, it is infinite.

Savvy entrepreneurs are all in the game of putting up their own sales campaign online. Those who hustle for money are on line. Is a casino owner or a gambling shop owner less savvy than other ‘gentlemen’ businessmen? No way.Located away from this area or that, casinos and gambling spots were accessible only with an identity card or plain hard cash. And the customers were either addicts, or those who had money, man, and didn’t know how to spend it.

For some it was fun, and for some it was plain trying their luck. But their number and use of the various games was limited only to one game at a time. Then casinos and gambling came on line on the Internet. Immediately, the number of visitors jumped to the nth degree. And to keep those visitors coming, these businesses offered plenty of unbelievable offers, such as free gambling for three hours to three weeks – all you had to do was to provide your email id. And in some, they offered you twice the amount you deposited to play. Irresistible, won’t you say? Yes indeed.

So instead of having closing times, and opening times, casinos and gambling outfits, spent a little on hardware and software, and made their sport universally available 24 x 7 – what a hackneyed phrase!The moola started pouring in. While the managers or owners were asleep in their respective nations, the online system on the Internet, kept their games running, with just one programmer or whatever he is called to check that there is no system breakdown, to keep an eye on things.

No need for dogfaces to throw you out of the door – an expense recouped by the installation of anti-spam, anti-spy, anti-copy software and whatever else necessary to keep the online system safe. Purchase of email ids from those hawking it, gave them the added boost. Irresistible offers, with all kinds of videos, etc., made their website known. And of say 100 emails sent, even if 10 got hooked, your traffic increased by 10 % and if that 10% was every day, then how much in a year?

One concern remains about payments. Aware as they should be of scams, they used secure pay systems, credit cards, 900 cards, PayPal, and many others. But still scammers there are. They can make a clone of the website of the casino or gambling network. And in the transfer of funds or identities through the network, they could extract the details, and divert the willing user to play as if he was really playing on their real website. To prevent this, real websites offer you free download of special software, which will check if the destination reached is the one it was meant for. Thus, there is some safety for some time.

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