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Your Online Gambling Guide – Wanna Bet It Will Help You to Win?!

By Jerry Whittaker Just about anything you would like to take a bet on, can be found in gambling online; there are slots, blackjack, roulette, live dealer gambling games, bingo, baccarat, poker, sports-betting, scratch cards, pull-tabs, mobile gambling, gin rummy, and a whole host of poker themed casino games. You will even find video poker, […]

Casinos Online – It all Happens Within the Framework of Regular Gambling

By Jerry Whittaker There is very little difference between the framework of casinos online and that of regular gambling. All genres and styles of gaming take place within this regular framework; the only thing that is different, is the fact that we play in a virtual setting. This certainly has more pros than cons, and […]

Online Gambling Guide – The Important, Boring Stuff

By Jerry Whittaker We cannot stress enough, how vitally important it is for newbie real money gamblers to use an online gambling guide. While the remnants of the US online casino industry is basically in tatters, the UK and European marketplace is faring very well and still growing in popularity. More new markets are opening, […]

Online Poker Games – Paddy Power is Betting on Full Tilt Folding

By Jerry Whittaker Apparently in response to the US DoJ indictments which took place on the 15th April, against Full Tilt Poker (amongst other sites), the Alderney Gambling Control Commission has negated this sites license pending a hearing. Paddy Power is a famous sports betting site, and like most British betting sites, they love a […]

Online Card Games – A Poke In the Eye For US Poker Sites

By Jerry Whittaker There are many online card games, but the most popularly played of all is online poker. If you are an avid US player you will have noticed by now that PokerStars; the biggest site of them all is no longer accepting US traffic. They are not the only sites to be affected, […]

Poker Casino Shut Down Now Being Called Black Friday!

By Jerry Whittaker Black Friday – the 15th April is the day that five of the largest online poker casino’s in the US were finally shut down by the Dept of Justice. PokerStars, FullTilt, AbsolutePoker and UltimateBet were the sites which received this attention, we are not sure of the fifth site. The domain names […]

Play Poker Online – Washington D.C. Fiddles, While Washington State Burns

By Jerry Whittaker We never know from one day to the next what is happening in government in the US. They have State Houses and they have Federal Government. State Houses are autonomous to a degree, but Federal Government calls the shots as far as we are aware. I have tried reading Gore Vidal, but […]

Online Casinos – Gambling With No Borders; Not Truly!

By Jerry Whittaker Online casinos should not provide gambling with no borders, however most of these casinos operate offshore. If you think about it in the context of the US land based casino industry; this is the most heavily regulated national industry. The US Government does not allow online gambling activities, although their approach to […]

Will UIGEA Be the Demise of the US Online Gambling Casino

By Jerry Whittaker Most people who are aux fait with the online gambling casino genre, have some knowledge of the processes of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and how it affects this industry. This act was promulgated in 2006; and quite literally saw gambling casinos online going out of business overnight. It also […]

The Great Super Jackpot Casino Search

By Jerry Whittaker The largest casino jackpot ever is said to have been a monumental $93, 7 million scoop in a Vegas land based casino. Online casino detractors claim that wins such as these separate the men from the boys and make online casino play no more than casual arcade entertainment to be used to […]

An Eye-Opener On Tax Revenue Of U.S. Online Gambling Sites

While the cyber-world is enjoying all the best qualities of free-trade policies across the real world, some countries were adamant in not seeing the reality of reach by the Internet.  After the advent of Internet marketing, all the conservative concepts related to trade and commerce have gone with the wind and the stigma to look […]

Monopoly In Gaming Industry Opposed In Swedish Courts

The Gaming Industry, including online gambling industry, has been seeing many turbulences and turmoil with regard to the legality of them.  Many countries have seen the revenue earning opportunities to their respective governments in the right perspective and have allowed gambling as a legalized industry.  This is because of the basic concept that gambling is […]

No stakes for you, Monsieur

Things have changed massively in the last couple of years and Seine has seen different tides sweeping its banks and France, the country that once gave the Riviera Casinos a free hand for an industry approval, now sings a different tune. That said – online gambling is now a restricted phenomenon by the French government, […]