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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Online Poker in its Purest Form, Fundamentally Speaking

By Jerry Whittaker There are some vital fundamental concepts regarding playing poker, whether this is online poker or off. Get these fundamentals and you will get the game! While online poker playing has become so popular that is it churning out young wunderkinds and über-natural poker players by the dozen, not all players can be […]

The Casino Game – What’s it all About Really?

By Jerry Whittaker The casino game is basically like any other game of chance, the difference is when the game is played in a casino; you are playing against the house. For example poker is not a casino game, unless it is played against the house. There are some versions of poker which are, these […]

Gambling Online – Myth or Modern Reality of Life?

By Jerry Whittaker There are many conveniences which have come about since the advent of the internet, more get-rich-quick schemes than ever before have sprung up, and while most of these are too good to be true, many aren’t; they are the real deal. More and more people are working from home; or as an […]

Roulette – From Perpetual Motion to Popularly Played Game

By Jerry Whittaker Roulette is probably one of the most popularly played and classic casino games of all time. It is this game which made the gambling salons of Monte Carlo famous and it is this game which has entertained kings and paupers alike. But where did it all begin? Some historians credit the Chinese […]

Online Casinos – Gambling With No Borders; Not Truly!

By Jerry Whittaker Online casinos should not provide gambling with no borders, however most of these casinos operate offshore. If you think about it in the context of the US land based casino industry; this is the most heavily regulated national industry. The US Government does not allow online gambling activities, although their approach to […]