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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Slot Casino Games: Limits and Liability

By: Jerry Whittaker Slots casino games are tremendous fun to play, they are games that have been played popularly for over a century and they have taken a remarkable turn for the better since becoming available online. They are also the most commonly played games and not all slot casinos allow all games to pay […]

Dedicated Jackpot Gambling – Sound Strategy or Fools Folly

By Jerry Whittaker Trophy hunters do it all the time and in just about every imaginable area of endeavour. From nitro express wielding ivory hunters to sport fisherman relentlessly pursuing elusive double-grand blue marlin across miles of faceless ocean or the steely eyed poker player sitting in an supercharged pool of breathless anticipation at the […]

Online Casino Gambling – The New Dawn of Casino Gambling

By Jerry Whittaker Online casino gambling is quickly becoming a serious contender for the top spot in casino entertainment and with good reason. Gambling online is safe, cheap and convenient and offers a gambling experience that is compares very well with any live casino. For those that have not made the transition yet and are […]

Which Online Slots Casino Games are the Most Profitable

By Jerry Whittaker When faced with the almost mind numbing selection of slots games on offer at most casinos many players new to the game ask “which one pays out the most”. This is an understandable train of thought and can be compared to a would-be racer faced with an unfamiliar muscle-car line-up on the […]

The Great Super Jackpot Casino Search

By Jerry Whittaker The largest casino jackpot ever is said to have been a monumental $93, 7 million scoop in a Vegas land based casino. Online casino detractors claim that wins such as these separate the men from the boys and make online casino play no more than casual arcade entertainment to be used to […]

Offshore Casino – No More Risky than the Local 7 Eleven

By Jerry Whittaker Offshore casino gambling represents the lion’s share of online casino gambling with most of the big name operators located in the Caribbean, Malta, Gibraltar and European locations such as Switzerland and Cyprus. This is par for the course and should not be any cause for concern when playing these casinos. However, when […]