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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Slots Gambling – Is there no School like the Old School

By Jerry Whittaker Many slots players who have a little more than average mileage on the clock seem to have an inherent disliking of the new generation of multi line video slots games. Which is understandable I guess as most of us tend to trust what we know best. This mistrust in the new fangled […]

Online Gambling Sites – Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff

By Jerry Whittaker The decision to start to gamble online either as a rank beginner or as opposed to visiting land based casinos is not a hard one to make. Online gambling is cheap, convenient and safe and there are few downsides to playing your favourite casino games from the comfort of your own home. […]

Online Gambling’s Top Casinos – Cyber Gaming’s Cream of the Crop

By Jerry Whittaker One thing that cannot be said about online gambling is that there is a shortage of worthwhile venues. The average online punter has a wide range of choices in online casino locations diverse enough to guarantee satisfaction for even the most discerning of players. Here are a couple of the top online […]

Best of Blighty – Top UK Casinos

By Jerry Whittaker The UK has a very strong and dedicated following of online gaming fans which log on daily for their fling with bingo, slots or casino games. There are many very good UK casinos available, several of which class as some of the best in the world. Here are a couple of these […]

Internet Casinos – Casino Game Payouts Myths and Truths

By Jerry Whittaker If there is one misconception regarding casino games that clings stubbornly notwithstanding all efforts to sanitise it is the impression that casino payouts are “rigged” and that the house rakes in the lions share while the long suffering player is fed just enough to keep him in his chair. Nothing can be […]

Video Poker Gambling – As Good as the Real Deal

By Jerry Whittaker Video Poker or online poker games have become enormously popular in recent years, a fact that has, no doubt, raised some disapproving eyebrows among the purist ranks. The fact is that video poker gambling, much like all online gaming, has a whole lot going for it and its value as a legitimate […]

Online Gambling Law – Web Casinos Dark Underbelly

By Jerry Whittaker Gambling legislation has been a thorny issue for as long as it has existed and the new web casino trend that seems set to take gambling beyond the 21st century has added a sometimes confusing and contentious element to this age old issue. The UK, Europe and the US are presently the […]

Internet Gambling – Progressive Jackpots 101

By Jerry Whittaker Progressive jackpots have been around for a long time now both in live and online casinos and one seldom encounters a casino that doesn’t feature at least one. It’s therefore surprising that so much confusion still surrounds progressive jackpots and how they work. Let me attempt to give a brief explanation of […]