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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Tips While Playing Online Poker

By Jerry Whittaker You have been playing online poker for a while and you have had some success and some failure. Sometimes you don’t even what went wrong with a hand. You had the odds but you couldn’t get a good read off of one player. Where they bluffing? There are tips for those who […]

Video Poker: Entertainment and Technology Combined

By Jerry Whittaker Playing poker with a video screen first became economically feasible when technology allowed for combination of a solid-state CPU (central processing unit) and a monitor. A primitive type of video poker machine first came into production in the 1970s. Evolution of the equipment with the SIRCOMA and the International Game Technology allowed […]

The betting system – categories and types

Whatever the kind of gambling you may indulge in your bets or the kinks of bets that you place will fall in one of the three kinds of betting systems that there are. A betting system is basically a reference to the kind of bets that can be placed during a game. Each category of […]