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Best Online Casinos – What Makes Them the Best

By Jerry Whittaker Thinking of the best online casinos, what springs to mind first? Some might say the promotions and prizes, while other protest that bonuses must be the best. It really all depends on the person playing and what is important to them. As far as we are concerned there are two things that […]

Online Gambling Casinos – SA Could Win in the Billions

By Jerry Whittaker It is a well known fact that after approximately 15 years, the online gambling industry has become a well established industry – a mainstream industry. This is particularly pertinent of the UK where the industry is most mature, as well as legalised and regulated. While the rest of the world lags behind […]

Your Online Gambling Guide – Wanna Bet It Will Help You to Win?!

By Jerry Whittaker Just about anything you would like to take a bet on, can be found in gambling online; there are slots, blackjack, roulette, live dealer gambling games, bingo, baccarat, poker, sports-betting, scratch cards, pull-tabs, mobile gambling, gin rummy, and a whole host of poker themed casino games. You will even find video poker, […]

The Best Online Casino – We Look at 32 Red and What This Website Could Mean To You

By Jerry Whittaker While this is by no means a review of an online casino, we are taking a look at what is deemed to be the ‘best online casino’ and in a great many opinions this is 32 Red. These opinions are based on the awards the site has won, and how long it […]

Casinos Online – Take a Risk On the Game – Go On, You Know You Want To!

By Jerry Whittaker People are curious and this is one of the many reasons that casinos online have become so popular. We take a gamble in just about everything we do, so, the gambling game is not only about money. We gamble in life, when we buy a second-hand car, and falling in love is […]

Online Casinos Games – Zynga Wants to Get Into the Biz

By Jerry Whittaker What is this? Big in the online casinos games news last week we find Zynga going public with the intention to offer gambling online in the USA. This obviously depends on whether or not Internet gambling ever becomes legal in this country. When Zynga went public with the hard-assed statement that they […]

Online Poker Games – PokerStars Gears Up for a 75 Billionth Hand!

By Jerry Whittaker Online poker games have always been popular in the USA, but all of this changed with the advent of Black Friday on the 15th April 2011. The US Department of Justice closed down some of the most popular and most lucrative online poker sites offering these services, and made it clear that […]

Best Casino Payouts Ever – How Do You Like Them Apples?

By Jerry Whittaker I can’t tell you how many people look at me with a jaded eye when I explain to them what I do for a living. Not that I am an online gambler in any way, but I write about online gambling and people say, ‘but what have you got to write about?’ […]

The Free Online Casino – Do You Really Get Something for Nothing?

By Jerry Whittaker Is it true that you get something for nothing when you play at a so-called ‘Free Online Casino?” Well, it all depends on your mindset really, but definitely the more you play the more you get for free. So, why do they call them free online casinos? Basically, just like anything for […]

Top Rated Online Casinos – When To Know You Have Reached The Top

By Jerry Whittaker There are thousands of casinos available on the internet; so, it is not easy for lay-people or newbie players to judge which are the top rated online casinos. With the help of a good casino portal however, the picture is painted quite differently. In this writers’ opinion, any casino on the Net […]

Free Casino Games – Play For Real or Try Before You Buy

By Jerry Whittaker Trying before you buy anything is the best way to get to know a product, and it has become a way of life for many of us to sample something first, before we commit to buying-in. Free casino games allow us to try before we buy, and the best casino websites always […]

Internet Casinos on Mobile –The ‘Tablet’ – Not What We Once Thought It Was!

By Jerry Whittaker New iPad Apps are being launched right left and centre, many for Internet Casinos on mobile gambling operations too, and the Betfair Plc. latest release is about to significantly improve the players’ experience. According to representatives from this popular betting exchange which only operates online, the new application is the first dedicated […]

The Internet Online Casino – New and More Innovative Banking Methods

By Jerry Whittaker One of the most important considerations for Internet online casino players is how secure their money will be when they play at a website or sites. One of the latest innovations which has seen a massive uptake from customers and operators alike is Skrill. This is powered by Moneybookers, where for European […]