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November 30th, 2012

Best Online Casinos – What Makes Them the Best

By Jerry Whittaker

Thinking of the best online casinos, what springs to mind first? Some might say
the promotions and prizes, while other protest that bonuses must be the best. It
really all depends on the person playing and what is important to them. As far
as we are concerned there are two things that make for the best online casinos,
one is the reputation of the brand overall, and the other is fairness.

Gambling is as old as the hills, no-one really knows when it started, but taking
a bet is a part of all cultures while some nations are gambling mad. The UK is
one of the cultures that love taking a risk for a few bucks and hopefully making
some money. In the majority this nation looks at gambling online or off as a
form of entertainment, especially in the case of online bingo.

They budget for playing these games in the same way as they would budget for
going to the movies or other entertaining pastimes. In China, the residents save
all year long to spend their holidays gambling in Macau, on their favourite game
Baccarat. James Bond 007 also claims baccarat to fame, and might be surprised to
find acres of baccarat tables in the casinos of Macau.

There are many reasons for playing at the best online casinos, and reasons such
as convenience are obvious, but it is also because quite simply; gambling is
inherent in most of us. We love the mystery of chancing our luck, taking risks
and solving puzzles. If we win then so much the better, but playing is not only
about winning. It’s the challenge of seeing if Lady Luck is on our side, and the
excitement of guessing the outcome of random events, especially if we are right.

Earlier on we said that fairness and reputation were vitally important and the
main factors for classifying a casino the ‘best’. The reason for this thinking
is simple, if the casino in question has a good name, then, we know it has been
tried and is now trusted. There are various awards dished out to the best online
casinos too, so the more awards they display, means their credibility has been
tested. All the best of British brands that have recognisable names in the High
Street are online, so, it is easy to choose the best by just sticking to a well-recognised

Here we refer to brands such as Stan James and Victor Chandler for example who
are also powered by the best software in the Biz – this would be Net
Entertainment. Obviously there are a whole slew of great gambling brands in the
UK, and anyone would be safe to play at any of these sites. Check out Betfred,
Bet 365, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Mecca, Gala, and Littlewoods too.

Post at 4:22 pm UTC by Jerry Whittaker

November 4th, 2012

Online Gambling Casinos – SA Could Win in the Billions

By Jerry Whittaker

It is a well known fact that after approximately 15 years, the online gambling industry has become a well established industry – a mainstream industry. This is particularly pertinent of the UK where the industry is most mature, as well as legalised and regulated. While the rest of the world lags behind in the online gambling casinos business.  South Africa is taking a fresh look at the fact that online gambling is not allowed, after a pretty recent turnaround on the law regarding these activities. That is – gambling online is not allowed any longer, except for sports betting.

New with a sports betting a presence in the Republic of South Africa is one of the biggest betting exchange brands in the world – the mighty London Stock Exchange listed – Betfair. Their Public Affairs Manager – Tom Tuxworth – said that in their estimation, South Africa could generate revenue of R6 billion from online gambling; if this industry was properly regulated, licensed and managed.

R6 billion is a great deal of money, and South Africa is a country with a strong culture of gambling, there are many land- based casinos. 

Tuxworth also said that the global industry for online gambling casinos was expected to expand by at least 10% during the next five years. They are also expecting a great deal of growth for the mobile casino industry. He made suggestions that law must regulate all products, to ensure high standards of sporting integrity as well as player protection. Money laundering and fraud also need to be handled well, and after a recent online scam to steal R43 million from Postbank, better cyber-policing should also be in place. With effective online gambling laws in place, policing online may also improve; Gambling laws are often directly linked to financial Acts.

High taxes and onerous regulations often force online gambling casinos, operators and players to choose offshore virtual destinations, and all countries which regulate these services should look at ways to attract business not make it more difficult for them. For example the British-facing gambling marketplace has lost hundreds of gambling streams of revenue to offshore destinations, due to their ridiculous tax regime.

The way we look at things, if we had a choice in the matter, we would rather have hundreds of online gambling websites paying 5% in tax than only a handful of websites paying 15%! What do you think – will SA learn this lesson; this a country where taxation is high?

While Britain contemplates changing their laws and Europe is deregulating, South Africa is taking a look at how to govern online gambling casinos in a responsible, financially effective manner. The US is also still ‘thinking’ about this industry, as is Australia and New Zealand. But in the meantime online gamblers from all of these countries still continue to play at sites which may not be above board, but they are willing to take any chances for an opportunity to win. That effectively means, that while Governments procrastinate, billion of currency in revenues is going to offshore sites. They need to find effective ways to get their hands on a share and this means fair regulation – will they throw away the winning hand?

Post at 4:21 pm UTC by Jerry Whittaker