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YOU Bet Gambling Online is Great Fun – Reel in the Wins With the Slots!

By Samantha Williams

With risk comes reward, and although I am not really sure who first coined this phrase, it makes a lot of sense to a lot of people. People take all kinds of risks because they enjoy challenging their limits and they find challenges exciting, gambling is just another form of risk taking. As far as I am concerned it is a lot safer than bungee jumping, and you bet gambling online is exciting!

There are so many different games to play when you bet gambling; for example the always popular slots. These are relaxing, devil-may-care games and they are themed on all kinds of fantasy tales, Aztec gold, jewels of the Nile, fairies, magic potions, horror, cartoons and even fluffy toys.

You find slots in TV game show formats such as X Factor, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Deal or No Deal, Family Fortunes, Hole in the Wall, Price is Right and more. Adventure, board games such as Monopoly Cluedo and Risk.

Arcade type slots are big news and now you will even find slots games you can play with different levels and ways of winning, just like arcade games. Marvel Comics, war and sports themed slots, the Osbournes, the Adams Family, you name it, if you like it, you will find a slots game to please. And let’s not forget the old fashion one armed bandits featuring bars, 7’s and fruit!

Today when you play slots online they come in a number of different variations, these are mostly three and five reel slots with a varying amount of pay lines. Pay lines may go up to as much as 100, and you would have to have pretty deep pockets to play a game with 100 pay lines and hope to win the jackpot.

Fortunately unlike land based casinos, online bet gambling on the slots offers the player a range of different coins to play. In a land casino you would have to wander around for hours if you are a low roller and you want to find a game for a penny a pay line with 100 pay lines. Even then you may not like the theme. Online, each machine offers the player a choice of coin ranges and the low-roller as well as the high roller can change the coin range and play exactly the same game, at the same time. You have got to love technology!!

Hours of fun and the possibility of winning big is what this game is all about and I would like to impart a little wisdom here. If you are looking for a game with a really big PJP (we know you jackpot chasers love these), play the Clover Rollover, this PJP has recently rolled over to more than £2 million and a maximum bet is £1. It could be the best pound you ever spent!