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Archive for July, 2010

July 15th, 2010

Beginners Can Be Winners in Casino Craps

By Samantha Williams

Casino craps may looks like an intimidating game to play, it actually isn’t. There are a lot of bets on a craps board and the important thing for beginners to learn is that there are only a handful of bets really worth placing. The balance of bets have got such high house advantages that they are only really useful to advanced players of this game who use advanced betting strategies.

The other vitally important thing to remember when you are a new player; is never use the word for the number “7”. Not online or offline, this is the quickest way to clear a craps table, and believe it or not, craps is absolutely no fun to play alone. You have two dealers, a stickman and a banker at the table and will be outnumber 4 to 1 by the casino staff.

Learn to play craps online, the same as you would in a casino, this way, the next time you walk into a casino and you hear the excitement coming from the noisiest table on the casino floor, you can go and join in the fun. Refer to the “7” as “that number” or “big red” and you will be safe to play and won’t be a pariah if you mention it. Bet with the shooter, not against him, this is not in the rules, but it is the best kind of casino craps etiquette.

Casino craps is not about how you throw the dice; it is about how they land and how you place your bets, and there are loads of bets. In the beginning stick to the simplest bets, Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Come Bets, Don’t Come Bets, Odds Bets, Pass Line Odds Bets, Don’t Pass Line Odds Bets and Come and Don’t Come Odds Bets. Later on when you have a better grasp of the game, you can move onto Field Bets, Big 6 and Big 8 Bets,
Place Bets, Buy Bets, Lay Bets and many more.

On the come out roll you don’t want to get craps because then you will be saying “oh craps, I crapped out!” You want to get points numbers, once you have establish the points, then you can go for your 7 and 11. If you get craps you are out and the dice passes onto the next shooter. If you don’t want to shoot when the stickman deems it is your turn for the dice, you don’t have to, you can still continue to play without shooting.

All in all casino craps is a fabulous game to play and it is easy for beginners to be winners as long as they stick to basic bets and basic strategy. Take a look at some “grind” strategies, they will keep you playing for hours, and learn more about this game – it is totally cool!

Post at 1:45 pm UTC by Samantha Williams

July 11th, 2010

Best Online Casinos – Truth, Fiction and Marketing Spiel

By Samantha Williams
You hear the words “best online casinos” no matter what online casino article you read or portal you consult – theirs is always the best, its marketing spiel! But an online casino is only as good as its software and not all online casino software is created equally or as good as it is made out to be. There is however some surefire capability tests you can conduct to make sure you are in the hands of the “best online casinos”.
You can be sure that if the software comes from a reliable company, they have the money to back up the promises they make and there are a substantial amounts of software companies which are reliable.

For example if you spot a casino and they say they will give you a $2000 first deposit bonus when you make a $100 deposit – beware. If the casino software is something you have never seen before or is blacklisted at any site, beware. Pavarotti’s Wobbly Bottom Technology, may sound good, but may not be sound.

You need to look out for the best online casinos software names that have good reputations in the industry. Any casino worth their salt will be riding on the reputation of their software so they will display it at the bottom of the home page, or somewhere on the homepage.

If you can’t find what software a casino uses or if it’s not easy to find, steer clear. If you look for it and find Playtech, Virtue Fusion, Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, Rival Gaming, Parlay Entertainment, Cryptologic, Boss Media or anything related to Holdings, you are in good hands. These are not the only good options but they are what power some of the best online casinos.

If you fancy playing at an online site which calls itself one of the best online casinos and they don’t display a software logo, it doesn’t matter if they are powered by Playtech. If they don’t proudly display this logo, the loss of your business is their loss, not yours. Find a site which does display it.
If their security certificate is out of date, find another site, if they are given bad reviews, find another site. Don’t let someone else’s bad experience be your bad experience too. That would be plain stupidity!

There are hundreds upon hundreds of online casinos and they all call themselves the “best and another word they use is the “biggest”. Don’t believe them – use a little bit of initiative and it will pay off.

If they have a promotions page which displays a promotion which is long gone and it is still displayed, as far as I am concerned they are not credible, no matter what software they use; the casino is giving that software a bad name. Just learn to be discerning and tell the fact from the fiction regarding the “best” online casinos, you can still happily and safely play online casino games, in fact the world is your oyster.

Post at 1:42 pm UTC by Samantha Williams