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Casino Gamblers – Does One Size Fit All?

By Samantha Williams

Casino Gamblers come in all shapes and sizes as well as many different types. Which type are you? Well you could be a high-roller, mid-roller or low roller, and these are not types of racing pigeon; this describes the size of the wagers you are comfortable placing.
Fortunately with virtually every online casino or form of gambling you find, you will also find that all games are available in these three sizes as well as half sizes and more, so gambling online is definitely not a case of one size fits all!

Fortunately online gambling is far more specialized than land based casinos will ever be – in fact they are Super Specialized. You know how you go into a land based casino and you want to play with pennies, but all the other gamblers in the casino also want to do the same, because it is month end; everyone is broke and they have already taken all the seats on the slots machines you want to play? This doesn’t happen online!

Find the game you like, for arguments sake – Fluffy Favorites and choose your coin range to play. If you are a low roller you can play this game for a penny a line and if you are a high roller you can play if for a pound a line. More than one player can play the same game at a different coin size simultaneously, without one player waiting for the other to vacate the game – which as you know in a land casino, could take all day!
This concept does not only apply to casino gamblers who play slots either, it also applies to all kinds of games and players. Online casinos cater to all types of gamer with every sized wallet.

Take roulette as another example, in a land based casino the lowest minimum wager you will find at a table is a unit of 5, this could be $, £, € or any currency you please. If you are very lucky you will find a table with a unit of 2 currency minimum. In online roulette games you will find games with a minimum of a penny per wager, so even if you like playing roulette and you have a small bankroll, you can play.

The world is the oyster for casino gamblers online with any bankroll size, for any game at all. You don’t have to be a high roller to play and you don’t have to put up with games which have a $10 minimum. Not only this, but all the latest games and newest technology is tested online, so if you play online, you get all the best stuff first. This industry is geared to react aggressively to changes in the market and the people to benefit are online casino gamblers.