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Online Casino Games – How Much Do you Want to Bet?

By Samantha Williams

Playing online casino games has become a phenomenon. No-one could have predicted just how well this industry would actually do when it was first introduced online a little over ten years ago. Poker is gambling and this is the most widely played casino game online, it was also one of the first niches to enter this market.

Bingo is gambling, although it is referred to as “soft gambling” and 26% of all searches on all major search engines have the word “bingo” in them. The online casino industry is the biggest, most profitable and most enduring industry to ever hit the internet and everyone is doing it – playing casino games!

While not all casino games have enjoyed the moratorium on the market which bingo and poker have, there is still a huge choice of online games to play and some of these are incredibly popular: Roulette, craps, blackjack, baccarat, backgammon, rummy, slots, video poker, arcade games, skill games, sports betting and even financial spread betting are all grist for the gamblers mill.

If you want to play a casino game and you don’t want to bet, you can play for free. You can pretty much guarantee once you start reading the winners stories you will pull out your wallet and pay. It is fun, it is a way to relax (or so I have heard) and millions of players World-wide can’t be wrong.

Online gaming has become so sophisticated that a craps or baccarat player can play their favorite casino games and win as well as be in with a chance to win a progressive jackpot. Loyal members earn loyalty points and bonuses, just like in all major land casinos, and if they can’t serve you free drinks, they do serve you free gifts.

Online casino games have a wide range of features the player can change to make their playing surroundings more comfortable. If your favorite casino has a red background and you hate red, change it to green. Turn the sound on or off, play as an avatar – a computerized representation of yourself on the casino floor, and change your clothes the color of your skin, your hair. Complete anonymity is assured!
Low rollers and high rollers can play on their own specific games with different coin denominations, and if someone is seated at your favorite slot – Fluffy Favorites; you don’t have to wait for them to finish before you can play.

This industry is aggressive so online casino games players get to test all the new video poker, and video slots games before they get anywhere near a land based casino floor and if you want to play in your dressing gown, curlers, jammies and face pack, no-one will ever know!