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The Gambling Internet – A Runaway Train!

By Samantha Williams

The world of the internet has allowed for billions of dollars to exchange hands through a specific industry which is the gambling internet. The popularity of this form of gaming is almost impossible to describe, it grows exponentially year on year and currently is one of the only real growth, real success, internet business prospects.

When we say this, we do so in the context of comparing apples with apples, for example you couldn’t compare the growth of social networking with the gambling internet, because to some extent they are poles apart. However, one of the integral factors of the gambling internet is that most gambling sites offer social networking capabilities, such as live chat, posting pics, profiles and so on.

The one industry online which has really flourished in the marriage of social networking and gambling, is the soft gambling sector of online bingo. This does not surprise, as people rarely go to a casino to socialize, they will however go to the bingo club for social interaction and the chance of a win. This societal aspect of the game has definitely translated well into the gambling internet scenario, but there is another aspect too – this is UK specific. US players do not play bingo to socialise, but perhaps the little bit of online bingo they are allowed to play will encourage more of this largely healthy pursuit. Humans are social beings!

From its first introduction to the World Wide Web in the 1990’s and the legalization of online gambling by Caribbean states, this industry has stormed the world, been popularly accepted and has entered the mainstream. It has been the answer to all punters prayers!

Despite the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act being promulgated in 2006, some online casinos are still licensed in Antigua and Barbuda which are Caribbean states. In the main however the gambling internet has changed to licensing in UK territories and these consist of Malta, Gibraltar and Alderney. It is the US’ loss and the UK’s gain and these sites operate under the Free Trade Processing Zone Act.

The first casino to come online was however licensed in Antigua and Barbuda and this was the US Cryptologic casino in 1994. At that time The Canadian Government also followed the Caribbean positive regulatory stance and established the Khanawake Gaming Commission, however they turned face somewhat with the US implementation of UIGEA, again their loss and the European Continents gain.

This negative stance against the gambling internet is bloody stupid if you ask me. Gambling is and always has been a part of daily life. People are prepared to punt on anything given the opportunity, regardless of what the law states. The Restrictive attitude of the British is a far better tack to take, so it is no wonder operators simply moved their operations and licenses, and punters simply kept playing. This is an unstoppable industry and everyone wants in, as we all know, there is simply no way to stop a runaway train!